Unit Test #15

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Use π = 3.1 for all of the questions below



What is the formula for the volume of a cone?  

Answer 1:





A cone has a height of 3 cm and a slant height of 5 cm. What is its diameter? A. 8 cm
B. 4 cm
C. 16 cm
D. 2 cm

Answer 2:





What is the slant height of this cone?


A. 25 cm
B. 24 cm
C. 7 cm 
D. 14 cm

Answer 3:





What is the volume of the cone above?


A. 202.5 cm3
B. 354.4 cm3
C. 151.9 cm3
D. 1215.2 cm3

Answer 4:





If the cone in Question 3 is solid, what is its surface area?


A. 694.4 cm2
B. 542.5 cm2
C. 151.9 cm2
D. 1085 cm2

Answer 5:





A cone has a diameter of 10 mm and a height of 20 mm.

What is its volume?

A. 200 mm3
B. 1550 mm3
C. 517 mm3
D. 387.5 mm3

Answer 6:





What is the slant height of the cone in question 6? A. 20.6 mm
B. 19.4 mm
C. 17.3 mm
D. 10 mm

Answer 7:





A cone has a volume of 1.3 m3.

What is this volume in cm3

A. 1 300 000 cm3
B. 13 000 cm3
C. 1300 cm3
D. 130 cm3

Answer 8:





If the top half of a cone is chopped off, what fraction of the total volume of the cone is removed? A. one half
B. one third
C. one sixth
D. one eighth

Answer 9:





The top point of a cone is called the: A. vertex
B. tip
C. corner
D. edge

Answer 10: